About Us

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We are Arks-soft.com, a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative Web Designers and WordPress Developer, having enormous skills on HTML, CSS, Word Press, PSD to HTML conversion, HTML to WordPress template/Theme, Materialize CSS framework, PHP and JavaScripts programming with a responsive design over four years.

We are expertise in custom-made web design and develop for every client, from small business websites to giant e-commerce websites. We develops and improves professional websites for customers across a wide range of industries, including e-commerce sites, directory sites, newspaper sites, photo sharing sites, Blogs, informational sites as well as personal portfolio sites medical and health, construction, insurance, and real estate.

Why you should choose arks-soft?

We don’t say we are the best but decent altogether. We understand where money become goal/purpose then relationship and humanitarian aspects are sacrificed. We don’t believe business means making money only rather customer satisfaction has stronger role in there.

We want to see happy customers with healthy and efficient websites. And that comes with proper deal where everyone is winner – website owners, developers and website visitors. Nothing make us happier than seeing our clients happy.

Quality within the budget is what matters the most. We are a team of problem-solvers ready to be your true technology partners. Let’s grow together!

Arks-soft.com is a family owned, privately held company with a long history of profitability and stability and again profit doesn’t mean only Money, right?

Talk to us and tell us what you want. We are pretty sure we can do it for you. We’re sure you’ll find the same services around a lot but a few are there who gives priority to business not the money.